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Extended Nursing Services for Medical Crisis

The hospice team creates a specialized care plan for each patient carefully considering their specific needs, desires, and medical criteria. As each patient approaches end-of-life as uniquely as he or she lives it, a holistic team of caregivers will remain vigilant to your loved one’s every need.

Our services are often Covered by Medicare, Medicaid or other insurance. Call us at 747-269-6923 to see if you are covered. We provide many different services for our patients.

Our professional staff will monitor and assess the patient on a constant and on-going basis, as requested by the primary caregiver or patient. Hospice staff is available on call on a 24/7 basis whenever they are needed.


Our team typically configures from the following care providers:

Every patient has his or her own set of clinical prognosis and unique medical requirements that go along with them. A loved one who is dealing with the finality of congestive heart failure will have a completely different set of medical needs from someone facing cancer or any other of the multitude of terminal conditions.

Each patient and their family has a set of rights that include the right to know what is going on with their terminally ill loved one. Clinical prognosis can stay unchanging for several weeks and then progress rapidly. But sometimes, a patient can experience many changing conditions which is why it is critically important for us to keep our patients and their families updated on medical conditions at all times. Changes in medical conditions can greatly influence decisions in how palliative care is provided.

We know that end-of-life is a sacred, yet challenging time for patients, family and friends. Navigating the medical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the final stages of a terminal illness or other condition that leads to this ultimate transition are undoubtedly challenging.

Saint Iness Hospice Care is here to make this time the most comfortable as possible for patients and their surviving family members, caretakers and friends.
Services are covered by many insurance providers.

The Saint Iness Hospice package includes: